Counting the Omer - Day 38

Day 38 ― Tiferet of Yesod: Compassion in Bonding

From Aish HaTorah: During the sixth week of counting the Omer, leading up to Shavuot/Pentecost in two weeks, we examine and refine the emotional attribute of Yesod or bonding. Bonding means connecting; not only feeling for another, but being attached. Bonding needs to be not only loving but also compassionate, feeling another’s pain with empathy. Is my bonding conditional? Do I withdraw when I am uncomfortable with my friend’s troubles?
From Rabbi Saul/Paul Each of us should please his neighbor and act for his good, thus building him up. (Romans 15:2) 
From me: Remember, Paul wrote these words to encourage the Jews and Gentiles in the congregation in Rome to honor each other’s differences. Instead of avoiding the issue they were having, he took it head on and urged his friends to defer to each other, as much as possible. Putting another person first is the best way to bond with that person. 

Exercise for the day: Offer help and support in dealing with an ordeal of someone with whom you have bonded. Put that person’s needs ahead of our own today.